29th BIGBANG concert!!

I have been waiting for this day since June or upon knowing that bigbang coming to sg for their first concert!!
THANK YOU LORD for this, because I told myself I will go Korea one day for bigbang’s concert and LORD heard my heart and decide to make this miracle happen which let me enjoy their concert in SINGAPORE!!
However, today I really don feel like going suddenly… Feeling damn moody and due to other factor… Luckily my beloved Beebee kept pushing and asking to go. And so in the end I went for the concert!!
This is my first time attending idol concert!! And gave it to bigbang!! They promised they will be back and I deeply believed it. And sure I will attend their concert again.. It was too awesome!!!^^
Love bigbang!!!





Heehee finally had our high tea buffet.. Such a life.. If no need to work and lead this kind of life everyday I will smile smile smile.. Haha.. Meet Huisi and eve @ sembawang mrt station.. And we went down to orchard to meet wanru.. While searching for miss chew I saw dap.. So Qiao!!! Haha..
Reach the place and had our brunch!!




After that we went window shopping, rest @ Starbucks to chit chat..
We really had lots to chat abt haha!!!
And end our wonder Sunday after that..^^

Thank you LORD for being at my beside whenever I need you..
Thank you LORD for not giving me up despite I’ve turned lukewarm towards you…
Thank you LORD for the peace u gave…
*Praise the LORD* ^^

Study mode on hope I can finish rest of the chapters..^^

Pri sch friends

On last fri 6th April, meeting my Pri sch friends for dinner..^^
Happy to meet up with them and they accept me as their friend or rather as part of their group..^^ thank you lord for this..
Nothing much we chit chat and gossip… Haha..



Now the time is 5:37am. Currently I’m at changi airport with Huisi studying for our exam.. Seem like time is not enough for all of us.. Esp me!! Gave myself a target to finish chap 9 and half of chap 4 however I can’t even finish chap 9… 😦 I think it is good to study overnight however it is bad for health and bad for my skin complexion too.. Haha.. Although I’m stressed but Muz take good care of my skin… Heehee..

6 more days and hubbee will be back to Singapore however The upcoming week I will be damn busy.. But still i’m looking forward for his return.. Back to mugging..^^

Thank you LORD for giving me strength able to stay up the whole night..^^


Hmm sometime u might think u are belong to this group..
However After a few events u might pondered “do They treat me as friend?” went out nv ask me, always been separated or out-cast… This unbearable feeling is terrible…
In order to continue this friendship the victim has to swallow all these feeling..
I believed LORD is fair in HIS way.. I love you LORD..^^


Sometime thing juz don go my way.. It’s kinda of sad.. Hope one day Lord answer to my prayer..^^
I know u will someday… Love euu lord!!