This year also had my ups and downs.. Haha.. I failed my papers and this made me fell to the bottom of pits.. Haizz.. And the happy thing are still have a loving bf..^^ and of cuz the most happy thing is that I return to LORD’s side.. And FATHER forgiven me^^ Praise GOD!! Too many things to praise you FATHER..
I really prayed hard for my exam this coming year. And I will work hard for it. Please give me strength, knowledge and determination!! I Love you FATHER!! ^^


A letter to LORD!!

Dear LORD,
Thank you so much!! Even such minor thing u also fulfilled it!! Praying to u not only asking u to fulfill my wish but also a way to communicate with u… I love euu LORD, thank you that u always by my side no matter ups or downs!!!
*Praise you FATHER!!*

Love you,
Shireen ^^

Thank you FATHER!!!!
Today after class I went jb with hubbee’s mum and sis.. As usual we went eat and shop.. But today we went ksl shopping mall and tried the bus AC7… Everyone has their lst time.. And so we too.. Thank you LORD that we back in Singapore safely!! ^^ love the stuffs I bought today!! Next time I will bring my own $$ and buy clothes and shoes!!^^
**GOD bless us!! Love u FATHER!**


FATHER.. We always think that ppl change or actually they are like that??
*enlighten me* it is scare to know the truth.. >.<

Thank you FATHER

Thank you FATHER!! I received a free drink from Starbucks!! Haha love euu muackz!! U always bring surprise to my life..^^


Sat went for xr’a convo!! So damn happie for her heehee she is Anjing first undergrad!!! Thank you LORD… And I hope in year 2014 will be rw, ss and my convo!!! That will be an exciting year heehee… Thank you LORD for ur presence!! ^^


Finally went for USS Halloween night!! Haha.. We went all three haunted houses… I really scared by those “ghost” cuz they will jumped out from no where or they will suddenly get closed to ur face.. However I’m proud of myself.. Hehee cuz I nv scream or shout.. The first haunted house we went was instanrium.. I will always remembered the horrible toilet smell and the two gers behind me.. They were so scared that they bang onto me.. >.< haha.. Other than that nothing special.. Juz a house filled with "ghost" haha!!!